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Clear and fixed fees from the first interview

Our fees

We offer our clients two types of agreements: fixed price or time spent. Consultations are invoiced at an hourly rate of 200€ HT for matters concerning of private individuals, except in our fields of specialisation and 250€ HT for companies and our fields of specialisation.

Our law firm consists of 3 lawyers. We work mainly in corporate law and include 2 areas of activity: legal advice and legal activity.

The firm was founded in 1998 by Yves PILPRE who has been practising since 1976 as a legal advisor and then as a lawyer since 1991. Mr. PILPRE is also a former President of the Bar of Essonne (2001-2002), and former member of the Council of the Order. He is a specialist in corporate law. As of June 30, 2017, he has exercised his pension rights and remains registered on the list of honorary lawyers of the Essonne Bar Association.

Mrs. CHELLAT, a general practitioner, joined the firm in 1999 and has been practising since 1990. Mrs. CHELLAT practices mainly in the judicial field, and in particular in family law, criminal law, labour law and commercial law. In addition, she is a member of the Essonne Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Mrs HUCHET joined the firm as an apprentice lawyer in 2009 and became a lawyer in 2012. Specialist in corporate law, in trade law, and bankruptcy law and member of the Council of the Order, Mrs. HUCHET was also a lecturer at the University of Evry between 2010 and 2015. Since 2016, Mrs HUCHET has joined the team of trainers from the National School of Law and Procedure, a training body for colleagues and their staff in company law.

The Chellat-Pilpre-Huchet Law Firm is also a registered training organisation under number 11910836391. This registration does not constitute approval by the State but allows it to to offer its clients and their staff training on specific legal topics according to their needs

Article L441-6 Commercial code : any sum unpaid within the 45 days end of month shall produce interest at a rate amounting to three times the legal rate. The Recovery flat indemnity is fixed at 40 euros for professionnal clients.

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